SpyOne™ is, without doubt, the best application for monitoring a child’s phone. Thanks to SpyOne™ you will know of every action done by your child on their phone. Not only will you learn who they talk to (call history), but also the content of the message thanks to the copy remaining on the server. SpyOne™ will also let you locate your child - or their phone if they lose it. SpyOne™ also tracks SMS text messages, popular instant messaging apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and the history of web pages visited.
Information on calls

SpyONE will register both outgoing and incoming calls, recording both sides in all phones enabling this function. In some models of phones with the Android operating system, the possibility of recording phone calls is either limited or completely impossible, such as in case of Samsung models A20/A21, A30/A31, A40/41, A50/51, A70/A71, A80/A8, and other models of series A and M, i.e. M21, M31, where the manufacturer fully disabled the possibility of recordings in software intended for Europe. This is caused by hardware limitations of the phone itself. You can read more information about recording calls in the articles attached.

Remote control over camera (front and rear)

SpyONE phone tapping enables activating front and rear camera directly from the online panel. Thanks to that you will be able to see what the person monitored does in a given moment and who they are with. You can also take a picture in order to preserve a given moment.
All of this is completely invisible to the person monitored. NOTE! This function may be unavailable in devices of the Xiaomi company.


SpyOne will display the phone number of the person calling / called, as well as the duration of each call. If the number is recorded under a name in the contact book, you will receive their name and the miniature image assigned to them.

Address book

SpyOne monitors the address book of the phone and provides access to telephone numbers and photos assigned to the contacts in the phone. It also enables downloading contact data in the csv file format.

Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, TikTok, Gadu-Gadu, Tinder, e-mails, and other monitoring of instant messaging.

SpyOne monitors social media apps in order to learn what the phone user writes about. Using SpyOne you can monitor the messages sent via Messenger, TikTok, WhatsApp, Signal, Gadu-Gadu, Kakao, Viber, Line, Hike, Skype, Hangout, Tinder, Telegram, Wechat, Snapchat, Instagram, Zolo, Kik, e-mail, and other. Please remember that end-to-end encryption disables the possibility of intercepting information from chats. These are so-called secret chats or confidential conversation. Thus is blocked by an app that disables the possibility of receiving a notification on the phone.

GPS / BTS location service

SpyOne enables locating the device. You always know where the monitored device is. You can display its location on interactive maps in real time. A GPS connection is required for correct location service.

It is possible to receive notifications once the device monitored reaches the destination. The function draw a complete GPS path of the phone during the whole day.

Multimedia files

SpyOne intercepts every picture taken with the phone. The pictures taken by the user with the phone are saved in the panel. It is possible to browse pictures taken before using the function of accessing the device memory and finding the folder in which they are saved.

History of web pages browsed

SpyOne records all the URL addresses visited by the user in the mobile phone browser. You will be able to see which web pages were visited by the user and what they watch online via the Chrome browser.

Application monitoring

You can have access to information on which application is used the most often in the phone. SpyOne displays a list of all the applications installed on the phone. It also shows which application is used more often. You can always block any selected application from the SpyOne panel

Calendar event tracking

SpyOne track every calendar activity entered in the device. It records scheduled meetings, reminders, and tasks created on the user’s device.

Calendar event tracking

SpyOne track every calendar activity entered in the device. It records scheduled meetings, reminders, and tasks created on the user’s device.

Remote event planning

SpyOne enables planned picture taking or recording of surroundings. It is a very important feature of this software, thanks to which we can plan in advance e.g. recording the surroundings on a given day at a given time.

Launching the live feed function

SpyOne enables taking a picture from front and rear camera of the phone in real time (when the user is talking on a phone, it is possible to take a photo with the rear camera in order to see what is happening around the user), as well as real-time listening to the surroundings. It is possible to obtain location immediately, and there are many other functions available as well. Possibility of activating Live screen – please remember that this function works like normal screen capturing. In some phones the TV – screen capture – icon may appear. IMPORTANT! This function may not be compatible with and not work properly in phones of the Xiaomi company and phones with the Android 10 operating system. This stems from the policy of the Xiaomi company, which does not provide the possibility of remote scree capture, and the policy of Google, who disabled this function in Android 10 – our software developers are doing their best to omit this restriction and we will do what we can in order to make Live Stream operational in the future, of which we will notify you at Our Blog. One of possible solutions is installing the appropriate patch of which we are the originators. Thanks to this option it is possible to omit any inconveniences imposed by Google on Android 10.


Textlogger ensures data synchronisation in real time, which means that as soon a key is pressed on the keyboard, this will be visible in the control panel on the target device. This function intercepts the majority of text typed using the keyboard. This function may not be compatible in phones of the Xiaomi company and phones with the Android 10 operating system. This stems from the policy of the Xiaomi company, which does not enable keylogging. NOTE! It is not possible to intercept passwords.

Copying information from Clipboard

Now you can monitor all the text copied by the phone user. It is a useful option if someone copies text from websites and sends them via e-mail or publishes them at a social media website - in such case this data is intercepted automatically and available in the clipboard section in the SpyOne panel.

Highest data security

We care for our clients and their privacy. Thanks to the Google Authorisation service, available in the “change password” section in the SpyOne panel, you can secure your panel with two-stage password verification, which introduces the highest possible security of your data.
Google Authenticator generates two-stage verifications codes on your phone.
Two-stage verification ensures higher security of your SpyONE account, since signing in requires two verification methods. Next to the password, it is also necessary to provide the code generated by the Google Authenticator app on the phone. Thanks to that no one but you will be able to enter your SpyONE account

SpyOne also offers many other different solutions, such as SMS monitoring / monitoring of surroundings / interception of photos / lost phone service location, unlocking the device for specific periods, systemic events, etc.